We help more people vote, more often

Powered by behavioral science, our tools empower colleges, companies & causes to manage and optimize their civic engagement and voter initiatives

Voter-first tools, powered by behavioral science

Create a custom dashboard

Simple actions help voters get ready

Make it social with friendly competition

Get a clear picture of progress & results

Cultivate community among friends, classmates & colleagues

We’re more likely to follow through when others are counting on us to show up. Compared to cold outreach from a stranger, a reminder from a friend is 10X more likely to drive action.

With leaderboards, team building, and rewards, Motivote helps you transform any community — on campus, at work, or online — into a voting team.

Think of Motivote as a workout buddy, for voting.

Build a habit of civic engagement

Motivote’s digital platform doesn’t just tell users when, where, and how to vote — it gamifies the voting readiness journey to drive action.

Instead of generic reminders that become part of the noise, voters get tailored “nudges” via email & SMS – based on their state-specific details, key deadlines, and personalized voting plans.

Less time on logistics, more time on what matters.

Why Motivote's voting journey platform works: research-proven behavioral science

From working out to saving money, when you want to reach a goal, you need to set up the right conditions. 

Instead of just telling people what to do, help them do it. 

That’s why Motivote is based in the behavioral science of what works:

  • Small steps
  • Timely reminders
  • Peer encouragement
  • Positive reinforcement

Let’s chat about a better way to build civic habits