Adulting is hard. Voting shouldn't be.

Motivote harnesses research-proven behavioral nudges to increase voter turnout.


Motivote is a one-of-its-kind, peer-to-peer platform that combines gamification, social accountability and real-life rewards to engage young voters.

How does it work? Commit to vote on a team with friends. We walk you through bite-sized "actions" that get you ready to vote and keep you on track to follow through, like making a voting plan and looking at a ballot guide. Along the way, compete to earn points and prizes from mission-aligned brand partners. Come election day, verify you voted with a selfie in real-time.

One-stop shop of curated resources

Navigating resources can be overwhelming. The right info can be hard to find. We cue up the best digital tools to get you exactly what you need.

Team-based social accountability

Close the loop by verifying your vote with a selfie. Research shows we’re more likely to follow through when friends are watching. It’s peer pressure for public good.

Gamification to boost engagement

Compete against teammates and other teams in the game. Track your progress, earn points, and enter to win real-life rewards from favorite brands.

Plan-making nudges and tools

Making a commitment and having concrete plans make us more likely to act. We help you with the logistics, so nothing falls through the cracks.


Advocacy Organizations & Campaigns

Reach your constituents and supporters where they already are, with the power of friend-to-friend motivation. Motivote gives you a more effective way to drive turnout, civic engagement, and broader activism.

Brands & Influencers

Use Motivote to prepare your employees, audiences, and users to follow through with voting. Show your support for civic engagement by sponsoring user rewards, from merchandise to experiences, that drive concrete action.

In 2018-2019 pilots, Motivote turned out 18-to-29-year-old users at 3X the rate of peers nationwide. 60% of Motivote users are less-likely voters.

“Motivote allows us to collect otherwise almost impossible data to inform the best way to activate and sustain new voters.”

Executive Director, Voting Non-Profit in Louisiana

“Motivote made sure I followed through. I was feeling swamped with school and work. I would not have voted without that little push."

Young Voter in New York