Make a difference for democracy

We’re on a mission to help good organizations do great things.

End-to-end engagement 

Customize your web-based dashboard with branded content and actions

Take simple actions to get ready to vote and build civic engagement as a habit

Make it social by inviting friends, while celebrating progress with points & prizes

Get a clear picture of civic impact with real-time data on progress and results

Help friends turn out friends

Motivote turns any social network — from sports teams to community association to book clubs — into a voting team for shared commitment and support.

Better together

Like a workout buddy, for voting. We’re more likely to follow through when our friends are counting on us.

Friendly competition

With team commitments and leaderboards, compete for points and prizes from mission-driven brands.

Small steps, big impact

Motivote breaks down the voting journey into actionable, bite-sized steps that build a habit of civic engagement.

Get ahead of deadlines

Get timely, targeted reminders. We do the heavy lifting on logistics to make sure you have the right info at the right time.

Close the loop​

Team members track progress through their action roadmap and share their “I Voted” selfie when they’ve completed the journey.

Why it works: research-proven behavioral science

From working out to saving money, when you want to reach a goal, you need to set up the right conditions.

Motivote is based in the behavioral science of what works: small steps, reminders, peer encouragement, and positive reinforcement.


Work with us

For Higher Ed

Make voting a habit. As first-time voters, students turn out at lower rates because they get busy, miss deadlines, or feel confused. On Motivote, they can easily find everything they need to built the habit.

For Causes

Reduce the friction of getting ready to vote. Through friendly competition, plan-making tools, and real-life rewards, Motivote helps your community mobilize on issues that matter.

For Corporate

Democracy is good for business. Companies have a unique opportunity to strengthen democracy by encouraging employees and customers to get involved. Motivote helps brands amplify impact.

For Campaigns

Motivote’s mobile-friendly platform uses behavioral nudges to accelerate friend-to-friend outreach. Empower volunteers and supporters to champion your candidate or cause. Track engagement and progress.

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