For Voters

Reduce the friction
of getting ready to vote

Whether you’re new to voting or never skip an election, Motivote gives you the tools to go from “I should really vote” to “I made an impact!” — and to bring your friends along, too.

Voters can join Motivote teams through organizations and communities they’re part of, like campaigns and advocacy efforts. If you’re part of an organization and want to learn more about how Motivote can support voter engagement, reach out to schedule a call with us.

From intention to action​

Complete bite-sized actions to get ready to vote in your next election.

Join a team of friends, colleagues, or advocates to motivate each other.

Earn real-life rewards for getting ready to vote and celebrate with your team.

Your personal assistant
for all-things-voting

You want to make your voice heard on the issues that matter to you. But the process isn’t simple — from meeting deadlines, to finding straightforward information on candidates and issues, to getting your mail-in ballot in on time.

We make it as easy as possible by serving up everything you need to know, in the order you need to know it.

You get reminders, connect with online resources, and make a concrete plan. Just like putting your gym bag by the door every night.

13 %

If you find the voting process tough to manage, you’re not alone. 50% of registered voters face “microbarriers” like missed deadlines and busy schedules. Hey, we’re only human. Motivote’s curated resources and plan-making tools increase follow-through.

Want to help your friends get ready to vote?

Motivote helps you make sure your network has timely and specific information about their upcoming elections, including tools to turn information into action. With each completed action, your team racks up points to earn rewards from mission-driven brands.

Why it works: research-proven behavioral science

From working out to saving money, when you want to reach a goal, you need to set up the right conditions.

Motivote is based in the behavioral science of what works: small steps, reminders, peer encouragement, and positive reinforcement.