Up until now, team competition and voting readiness have been separate experiences on Motivote. In our new Team Metrics feature, we bring them together.



We’re thrilled to help you answer the following questions with real-time, visual data:

  • How do teams compare across different action completion rates?
  • What percentage of each team has completed key voting readiness actions?
  • Which teams are leading in Points, Members, Invites, and Overall Progress?


No need to wait until polls close to get a picture of engagement in your community. Quickly see which teams are on track with key voting readiness steps, and which are at risk of falling behind. Use this data to design custom competitions that drive engagement to and through Election Day.






Why it works

Get visual data at a glance

Motivote tracks a lot of metrics, But when you want a quick look at engagement, the last thing you want to do is study a CSV file and look for trends. The Team Metrics Tracker turns user action data into easy-to-read graphs — you can even toggle between bars and circles!



Keep it fair with percentages

When we help partners design club vs. club team competitions, there’s often concern about larger clubs having an unfair advantage. If your Basketball team has 50 members and Pickleball has 10, of course Basketball will always have the higher score – right? Our percentage-based tracker solves this by automatically calculating the percentage of total members that have completed each action. Now, it’s easy to recognize the small but highly engaged teams and positively reinforce their progress.



See aggregated, anonymized data

While social accountability is a powerful behavioral nudge, there are some situations where you don’t want others to know every single detail about your process. With Team Metrics, you can see what percent of team members have completed actions, but not which individuals completed each action.


Full flexibility: Only the data you want

We know different groups will want to look at different data at different points in the election cycle, so we leave the inputs up to you. For our Team Comparison feature, pick any 5 teams to compare across any 3 metrics at a time. Sort team overall progress by Points, Members, Progress and Invites.





How to use this feature


Set specific goals and track their achievement 

Use Motivote actions to recognize and drive specific goals. For example:

>> Create a registration contest during the week leading up to or following National Voter Registration Day (Sep. 20). Reward the team with the highest completion rate of Motivote’s “Check Registration Status” Action during that period.

>> When it comes to engaged voters – the more, the merrier! Increase your impact and encourage recruitment by rewarding the team with the highest number of Invites (new users who joined through their members’ referral links).

>> Ensure your members have a specific plan to vote by rewarding the team with the highest completion rate of Motivote’s “Make a Voting Plan” Action.
Tie to a state-specific deadline, like the first day of early voting, or national event like Vote Early Day (Oct. 28).



Celebrate progress with a regular communications cadence

Maintain momentum through Election Day with consistent communication. Create a routine that your community can recognize and keep up with, like a weekly social media post or email that highlights top Motivote teams.

Shout out high performers (which can be tied to specific metrics – see examples above) and then invite them show off with a re-tweet or digital badge.



Showcase your data OUTSIDE of Motivote

In addition to inspiring current members to complete more actions, Team Trackers are a great way to encourage new folks to join:

Just screenshot the relevant graphs from the dashboard — or drop the data into your own designs — and include them in your community-wide communications. This helps people who haven’t yet signed up understand what Motivote is all about and get them excited to join. Don’t forget to include the sign-up link, too!

Ready to see our Team Metrics and other data-tracking tools in action? Schedule a demo to learn more.