Civic Engagement for Brands & Companies

Motivote makes it easy to make a difference for democracy

The stakes for democracy have never been higher. And now more than ever, your employees & customers want you to provide resources that help them engage.

Let us do the heavy lifting – so you can make a concrete impact.

Motivote is a web-based, mobile-friendly platform that:

  • Curates accurate, nonpartisan information
  • Synthesizes complex data into bite-sized actions
  • Makes it easy and fun for voters to understand and act

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Your customers & employees
are looking for positive social impact

of Millennials are more fulfilled when they can make a positive impact at work
of consumers want to buy from companies that support democracy
Americans say companies should take the lead on social change

Motivote gets voters the right info at the right time

Your branded platform comes ready to walk your voters through the end-to-end process — no matter where or when they’re voting.

We curate nonpartisan election data from best-in-class resources and break down complex information into bite-sized steps for each voter.

Voters make individualized action plans based on state laws and their preferences. So email and SMS reminders contain only what’s relevant.

That means you help voters get info that is more actionable, effective and easier to digest — without increasing your workload.

Motivote’s nonpartisan data sources

Customize Motivote
for your community & culture

Turn Motivote into a digital extension of your brand with customized brand elements, including colors, logos, fonts and visual assets.

You can also add your own Custom Actions and Custom Prizes, just for your community members. Engage your audience in a way that’s aligned with your broader engagement goals.


Don’t just tell people that voting is important—help them do it.

With research-backed behavioral strategies, Motivote reduces the friction of getting ready to vote. Proven “nudge” techniques, like making a plan to vote, increase turnout by up to 9%.

“Motivote was instrumental in centralizing communication, increasing our event engagement, and facilitating peer-to-peer outreach. This technology allowed us to expand our statewide reach and create a stronger network of engaged young people in Virginia. We reached 2023 goals in 2020 thanks to Motivote!”
Kate SlaytonDeputy Director, Virginia 21
Kate Slayton
“Motivote was one of Blue Future’s closest partners in the 2020 cycle. Our critical work to mobilize young voters in battleground states would not have been possible without Motivote’s cutting-edge technology and support.”
Nick GuthmanCo-Founder & Co-Executive Director, Blue Future
Nick Guthman
“Penn Leads the Vote used Motivote as a one-stop-shop for the university community to find voter resources and stay informed about upcoming deadlines. We also used the platform to host friendly competitions as a way to mobilize as many voters as possible.”
Harrison FeinmanDirector, Penn Leads the Vote at the University of Pennsylvania
Harrison Feinman
“Motivote is fun, involves friendly competition and rewards, and provides regular reminders and tasks that are educational and that prepare our students to be informed voters.”
Joshua YoungDirector, Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy at Miami Dade College
Joshua Young
“We’re a business that views its growing platform as a responsibility to use in giving back, shedding light and creating social change as best we can. We are thrilled to work alongside Motivote to inspire civic engagement.”
Scot TatelmanCo-founder, State Bags
Scot Tatelman

Our focus is on process, not politics

Motivote aggregates nonpartisan info from best-in-class resources to help your community register, make a plan, and learn about issues.

Our focus is on the behavior of voting, not who you vote for.