For Colleges

Help students become voters

Motivote guides students through the end-to-end voting journey—whether voting on campus or at home.

Spark civic impact on your campus

Help students stay on track with personalized SMS & email reminders

Make getting ready to vote more fun and social on teams with friends

Friendly competition (with real-life rewards) boosts engagement over time

Make voting a habit

As first-time voters, students turn out at lower rates because they get busy, miss deadlines, or feel confused. On Motivote, they can easily find everything they need based on their next election.

Guided by trusted nonpartisan resources, we walk students through figuring out where to vote, making a plan, and getting informed on the issues. Feeling confident about your first elections helps to create a lifelong civic engagement habit.

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Half of registered voters face “microbarriers” that stop them from casting a ballot—like getting busy, missing deadlines, feeling confused, or just forgetting. With research-proven behavioral nudges, Motivote’s curated resources and plan-making tools increase follow through.

Meet students where they are

Motivote’s team-based competition model is a great fit for student communities. That’s because it layers on top of any existing social networks or affinity groups — like sports teams, academic programs and clubs.

It also combines friendly competition with every college students favorite — free stuff. Students earn prizes from mission-driven brands and on-campus favorites.