Voter Engagement Tools For Higher Ed Leaders

Increase voter turnout and civic education for students and faculty

Motivote’s proven behavioral tactics increase voter participation, help build civic habits, and provide program leaders with tools to measure impact.

Motivote is a web-based, mobile-friendly tool that:

  • Uses evidence-based techniques to increase follow-through
  • Automates personalized “nudges” to get voters timely reminders
  • Motivates users through teams, friendly competition & rewards

Streamlined management for voter engagement programs

Students stay on track with personalized SMS & email reminders

Students learn how to vote - no matter where they're registered

Teams compete for points and redeem for real-life rewards

Motivote makes voting a habit

As first-time voters, students tend to vote at lower rates because they get busy, miss deadlines, or feel confused.

With Motivote, students quickly gain information for upcoming elections, opt-in for text or email reminders, and encourage each other on teams. Plus, rewards motivate them to keep going. 

With up-to-date voting information for all 50 states, make sure students have the details they need — when they need it. No matter if they’re voting on campus or back home.

By guiding through the steps of voting when they’re first eligible, Motivote breaks down barriers to help make voting a lifelong habit.

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Half of registered voters face “micro-barriers” preventing them from casting a ballot — like getting busy, missing deadlines, feeling confused, or just forgetting. With research-proven behavioral actions, Motivote’s plan-making tools increase voter turnout.

Meet students where they are

Motivote’s team-based competition model is a great fit for student communities.
That’s because it layers on top of any existing social networks or affinity groups — like sports teams, academic programs, and clubs.

It also combines friendly competition with every college students favorite — free stuff. Students earn prizes from mission-driven brands and on-campus favorites.