Reduce the friction of getting ready to vote. Through friendly competition, plan-making tools, and real-life rewards, Motivote helps your community mobilize themselves and their friends on the issues that matter.

Boost turnout with proven behavioral nudges

Streamline friend-to-friend reminders—20X more effective than cold contact.

Incentivize nudges like making a plan to vote, which increases turnout rates.

Real-time vote verification amplifies the power of social accountability.

“Motivote is fun, involves friendly competition and rewards, and provides regular reminders and tasks that are educational and that prepare our students to be informed voters.”

-Joshua Young, Director, Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy at Miami Dade College

Simplify getting ready to vote, with social support

You could tell your supporters to make sure their friends vote. Or you can equip them with effective tools to help their friends actually turn out. Motivote turns any social network into a voting team. Teams enjoy custom action plans and tailored resources, while Team Leaders gain real-time data on engagement and tips to keep their networks on track.

Half of registered voters face “microbarriers” like missed deadlines and busy schedules. Motivote’s curated resources and plan-making tools increase follow-through.

Connect the dots from registration to turnout

To curb the drop off between registering to vote to actually doing it, Motivote bridges the registration-to-voting pipeline. We serve up curated digital resources at the right time in a voter’s journey to check registration status, get all the logistics covered, and be informed on the issues.

How it works

Understand the behavioral 
science behind Motivote