Voter Tools for Nonprofit & Advocacy Organizations

Motivote makes it easier to get ready to vote

We designed Motivote with a science-based approach that’s realistic about the “behavioral microbarriers” many voters face.

As humans, we get busy, miss deadlines, feel confused, and procrastinate. Things fall through the cracks. 

Personalized plans, timely reminders, and other research-proven strategies help bridge the gap from intention to action.

Apply research-proven nudges to voter engagement

Structure your organizing with network-based voting teams

Walk voters through picking a voting method and making a plan to vote

Boost engagement with friendly competition and rewards

Social accountability helps voters stay on track

If you’ve ever asked a friend to help you follow through with a goal, then you know the power of social accountability.

In the voting world, decades of research make clear: We’re more likely to vote when we think others will know.

Motivote puts a positive spin on “peer pressure” by turning any social network into a voting team. Commit to vote with your classmates, friends, colleagues — any community you’re part of.

Members get ready to vote with custom plans and resources, then invite their friends to join them. Team leaders gain real-time engagement data and tips to keep everyone on track.

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Half of registered voters face “microbarriers” that stop them from voting—like getting busy, feeling confused, or just forgetting. 

With research-proven behavioral nudges, Motivote’s curated resources and plan-making tools increase follow through.

Guide voters through the end-to-end journey: from registration to turnout

Registration is just the start. Motivote connects the dots from registration to turnout. 

With the right info at the right time, voters can make sure their status is up-to-date, get the logistics covered, and get informed on the issues.