Motivote’s mobile-friendly platform uses behavioral nudges and friendly competition to amplify friend-to-friend outreach.

Increase engagement with friendly competition

Give supporters proven turnout tools backed by behavioral science.

Amplify your message with actions that drive engagement.

Celebrate participation with custom prizes that fit your community.

Grow your network with friend-to-friend outreach

Instead of just hoping your supporters spread the word, equip them with effective tools for engaging their friends in your campaign. When your ambassadors start voting teams, they can mobilize their communities through friendly competition, curated resources, and real-life rewards. See your network grow in real-time, maximizing peer-to-peer impact.

The messenger matters. Friend-to-friend engagement creates social accountability, which is 3X more effective than other get-out-the-vote messaging.

Reduce the friction of getting ready to vote

Make sure supporters have everything they need to cast their ballots. When you invite them to join your custom voting team, you make it easy for supporters to check their registration status, get all the logistics covered, engage their friends, and feel confident about following through.

How it works

Understand the behavioral 
science behind Motivote