For Companies & Brands

Civic engagement is great for business

The stakes for democracy have never been higher, and companies have the power to make a difference. Motivote helps purpose-driven organizations make a clear impact and build connections with employees and customers.

Social purpose is table stakes

45 %
of Millennials are more fulfilled when they can make a positive impact at work
45 %
of consumers want to buy from companies that support democracy
45 %
Americans say companies should take the lead on social change

Empower your community

Differentiate your brand with a concrete commitment to democracy. Motivote makes it easy for your employees and customers to step up their civic engagement.

Customize your voters’ journey with your own actions, content and prizes to fit your culture. Build community with shared accountability and friendly competition.

We do the heavy lifting

Your branded platform comes ready to walk your voters through the end-to-end process—no matter where or when they’re voting.

We send participants automated nudges before key deadlines. Instead of one-off reminders that can be confusing to put together, we save you time and help you quantify your civic impact.

1 %

Don’t just tell people that voting is important—help them do it. With research-backed behavioral strategies, Motivote reduces the friction of getting ready to vote. Proven “nudge” techniques, like making a plan to vote, increase turnout by up to 9%.

Process, not politics

Trusted, nonpartisan info from leading sources helps your community register, make a plan, and learn about issues.

The focus is on the behavior of voting, not who you vote for.