Motivote is on a mission to build more representative government by helping purpose-driven organizations mobilize their networks to vote, using the power of behavioral science.

Our Story

Motivote co-founders Jess and Rachel met as grad students, during a year-long capstone project at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service.

We wanted to understand why so many people who are impacted by elections don’t consistently vote in them. One of us was an organizer who managed hundreds of canvassers nationwide and the other only voted every four years, so we had seen this breakdown up close.

Conversations with hundreds of new and inconsistent voters surfaced the role of “behavioral microbarriers,” which cause drop-off from saying you’ll vote to actually doing it. It became clear that behavioral nudges like plan-making, gamification and social accountability could help bridge the gap from intention to action.

We built Motivote to support mission-driven organizations, and the communities they reach, with research-proven strategies and structures to navigate the voting process.

Our Team

Jess Riegel
Jess Riegel Co-Founder & CEO
Rachel Konowitz
Rachel Konowitz Co-Founder & COO
Dylan Saunders
Dylan Saunders Partnerships Director
Jeff Behrens
Jeff Behrens Product Manager
Samantha Special Projects Intern

Our Partners & Supporters